Thinking about the future

The future is part inspiration, part puzzle. It is a call to rise above the limitations of the present, to see potential in ourselves and our surroundings. Yet faced with the rapidity of change and the level of complexity in our global civilization it is harder than ever to make sense of where things are going.

My work involves helping organizations think about the future strategic environment, explore the issues, gain insight and set future direction. This takes a mixture of research, analysis, creative thinking and learning from what actually happens.

An aspect of my work is focused on thinking about the big picture future, to chart the future strategic landscape created by our rapidly evolving society and economy, as an underlying resource for helping organizations plot an effective course forward.

This website presents a cross-section of my big picture thinking, via a blog and a selection of papers and articles. The content spans futures research, global and environmental issues, and strategic thinking. It includes speculation about where our global civilization is headed, and what organizations must do to be part of the forward change.

Creating this kind of big picture, cross-discipline view is now more important than ever to meet the challenge of making sense of our collective future.

I hope you find the results interesting and thought provoking, even prescient, and ideally an inspiration for gazing into the future for your own benefit.