Thinking about the future

The future is part inspiration, part puzzle. It is a call to rise above the limitations of the present, to see potential in ourselves and our surroundings. Yet faced with the rapidity of change and the level of complexity in our global civilization, it is harder than ever to make sense of where things are going.

My work involves searching for hints about what is going to happen in the future, and for ways to nudge it in better directions. This takes a mixture of research, analysis, creative thinking and learning from what actually happens.

The insights we need for seeing and shaping the future are often hidden, sometimes in plain sight. Finding them depends on relentless curiosity and the flexibility to adopt new perspectives. This is a primary source of being able to see the world differently.

Thinking about the future in this way, from a big picture, boundary-crossing perspective, is more important than ever if we are to meet the urgent challenge of forging a positive future.

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