Creating strategic opportunity

Hardin Tibbs offers strategic advice, analysis, and creative thinking to corporate, government, and non-profit clients internationally. He helps client organizations think about the future strategic environment, explore strategic issues, generate strategic insight and set future strategic direction.

Hardin’s work is delivered in a variety of ways. He facilitates interactive workshops with senior management teams. He conducts in-depth research with written reporting. He acts as a sounding board to senior executives. He also delivers keynote presentations and executive education sessions on emerging issues and strategic methodology.

• Design and facilitation of strategic insight workshops

• Commissioned strategic research and reporting

• Confidential advice to decision-makers

• Coaching in strategic insight development

• Executive education

• Speeches and keynote presentations

Hardin’s clients include major international companies and government agencies in Europe, the United States and Australasia. He also works in collaboration with major management consulting companies.