Future success depends on insight into change

My work involves making sense of complex uncertain situations, generating insight into change and sparking creative initiatives. I help client organizations understand their changing environment, explore challenging issues, achieve strategic clarity and set future direction.

I provide business environment analysis and innovative concept development to corporate, government, and non-profit clients. My work takes various forms, including interactive workshops with senior management teams; serving as a sounding board for decision makers; and carrying out in-depth research and long-form written reporting. I also deliver keynote presentations and executive education sessions on emerging issues and futures thinking.

• Changing business environment workshops

• Future strategic context research

• Presentations and keynote speeches

• Expert opinion

• Coaching in contextual thinking

• Executive education

My consulting work began in the 1980s, as a consultant in technology development and product design at Arthur D. Little Inc in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In the early 1990s I joined Global Business Network (GBN) in California as a futurist and scenario planning consultant. In the mid-1990s I started my own strategy consulting firm. Over the years I have consulted to a wide variety of organizations, industries and government agencies in the United States, Australia and Southeast Asia, and Europe. I occasionally work in collaboration with other management consulting companies.